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If your Dix Hills Huntington NY Suffolk County sewer and drains develop problems, Call us ! We can clear clogged, blocked up main sewer, main cesspool, main septic or any drain or stopped up sewer and drain pipes fast in Dix Hills let Ranger Sewer do the dirty work ! 

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 We handle tough drain and sewer problems every day in Dix Hills. We have the know-how, the equipment and the dedication to your satisfaction to get your sewer or drain plumbing operating correctly.

Areas we service everyday:

  • Huntington, Huntington Station, Lloyd Harbor,  Huntington Bay, Dix Hills, Northport, East Northport, Smithtown, Kings Park, Babylon, North Babylon or ANY town in Suffolk County NY ! 

 Residential , Commercial, Restaurant,Bar Munticipal,Town,Condo, Apartment, Industrial sewer and drain cleaning is our specialty, and the

  25 PLUS YEARS EXPERIENCE to back it up!




Dix Hills drain cleaning services



    Drain Cleaning


    Sewer Cleaning

    • *Full Drain Cleaning & Repair

    • *Clogged Drains, Slow Drains

    • *Sink Drains

    • *Tub & Shower Drains

    •  *Floor Drains

    • *Full Sewer Cleaning & Repair

    • *Clogged Sewers, Slow Sewers

    • *Side Sewers

    • *Storm Sewers

    • *Main Sewer Lines


    Drain Plumbing Repairs


    Underground Repairs

    • *Sewer & Drain Repairs 

    • *Sewer Enjector Repairs

    • *Cesspool Locates

    • *Sewer Locates

    • *631-368-0901

    • *Pipe Drain Lining

    • *Clogged Drain Pipe repair 

    • *Cesspool & Drain Repairs

    • *Sewer & Drain Repairs

    • *Storm Drain Repairs

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